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Classroom Delivery


A selection of IT based simulated activities that can be accessed by students. These real to life simulations all provide an opportunity for students to engage in enterprise through problem solving activities. The activities are designed to either work as a daylong “independent” activity or delivered as a cross curricular activity.

An example of an available simulation is: - Who Dares Wins
The simulation is based on actual stock market information gathered over a six-month period and although the names of the individual companies and some of the information have been altered, it is based on fact.

During the simulation the students act as a group of investment brokers working for a large company that specialises in the investment of pension funds on the London Stock Exchange. The task is to invest £500,000 on behalf of a client who wishes to maximise their returns. The company will receive 10% of the profits made at the end of the six-month investment period. Information about each company is available on which to make initial decisions. Informed decisions based on the past performance of each company, the monthly newspaper reports and intuition must be undertaken to be successful. The aim is to invest wisely on behalf of clients.


This section highlights a series of classroom activities that can be delivered within Key Stage 4. The activities include a series of interactive group games and problem solving tasks that can be downloaded and printed for use in the classroom.

An example of an available activity is: - Zin Obelisk
Zin is a group problem solving exercise using the mathematics of volume, size and time in establishing completion time by a given workforce of an Obelisk. It will involve students, working as part of a team, in detailed calculations to establish the precise day the construction was completed.


A host of organisations provide curriculum support materials. Within the resources section is a catalogued reference list of available resources from a variety of organisation

An example of an available resource is: - Pfeg – Personal Finance Education Group.

Made of Money (Bank of England)
The resource explains that the economy is made up of all our individual activities – at work, home, in the shops and even at school. It describes how the economy functions around individuals, businesses and government the demand and supply of goods and services and the prices we pay for them the links between the UK and the rest of the world and how the Bank of England uses interest rates to help keep the economy on track.

This is an excellent resource that helps explain many financial and economic terms in a way that most students will be able to understand. This is done by well laid out, clearly explained information cards and a variety and range of activities.


Please click on the link below if you wish to enrol your organisation as a member.


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